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New Mexico State University

Mathematical Biology Program at NMSU

The Mathematical Biology Program at NMSU was established in 2009 through a grant from the National Science Foundation. The goal of the program is to enhance undergraduate education and training at the intersection of mathematics and biology. A major goal of this program is to better prepare undergraduate students to pursue graduate study and careers in fields that integrate the mathematical and biological sciences. The central focus of the program is to provide students with long-term, cohort-based research experiences that combine biological experimentation with mathematical modeling.

Students will conceptualize biological processes in a mechanistic framework, develop mathematical representations of those processes, use experiments to estimate model parameters and to test predictions derived from models, modify models based on experimental results, and generate new sets of models, predictions, and experiments. Mathematics majors will be exposed to biological experimentation and the application of models to real world problems. Biology majors will learn to use mathematical models to conceptualize biological processes, to guide experimental research, and to develop new biological theory by extending or modifying existing models.


Every month we meet to discuss Mathmatical Biology and eat enchaladas from a seperate local restaurant.  Dr. Shuster reports on these meetings at our Blog!